Merlins Newsletter Resources - Newsletter 2

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Learning from Home Resources

Teachers: Shelley Smith and Amy Mayes

Download Merlins Newsletter number 2




Merlins Newsletter 2 - Communication ‘Mixed’ story (Video)



Merlin Moment - traffic light making (Video)



Merlins Morning Circle Time (Video)

Merlins Afternoon Circle Time (Video)



Take part in the annual RSPB birdwatch as a family, or just look out & listen for birds in your garden.

Put out some bird food first to attract birds into your garden.

We can make some special bird cakes for them soon. Shelley will make a video to help.

rspb Big Garden Birdwatch


Physical activities

Merlins Tai Chi warmup (Video)

Merlins Tai Chi basic exercise (Video)


Healthy lifestyle

Amy Making beans on toast (Video)



Join in with our Merlin’s Zooms. They happen every Thursday.

Email Amy/Shelley any photos or videos of what you are doing at home.

Shelley -

Amy -

If they don’t mind you could send some that include other people who live with you, or you could send some of the views from your window.






Literacy activities