Be able to access their local and wider communities, experiencing a sense of belonging, participation and contribution in a meaningful way

Pupils have the right to make a positive contribution to and feel valued by the communities to which they belong. Individual pupils will belong to a variety of communities ranging from their family to class, school and wider community including clubs and organisations.

Some pupils and families will find it difficult to access the wider community and therefore some pupils will have limited opportunities to access community environments and events outside of the school setting.

Pupils will understand some of the issues facing the local community and gain enjoyment from sharing in celebrations and events that promote our understanding of those around us and the wider world we live in.

They will investigate and experience local facilities that our community has to offer, and begin to make choices as to how they want to spend their own time.

Pupils will find out about the world of work and explore their own interests in planning and developing their skills for the future.