Half Termly Topics




Early Years and Primary

This term’s topic is ‘All About Food’. 

We will be focussing on food that we can grow, and have fun planting our own seeds and watching how they develop.

We will be looking at which foods are good for us and how they contribute to our health.  We will be sorting food into groups based on their taste, smell, colour and our preferences.

We will be enjoying lots of cooking, practising our fine motor skills with chopping, peeling, and spreading.  We will be creating and following our own simple recipes.

We will find out where some food comes from, and also enjoy exploring the concept of ‘shopping’ through both real life experiences and play.


This term we will be using the following core texts to inspire learning throughout our curriculum aims: 


Lower Primary : 

              Book1                    Book 2                 Book 3                        




Upper Primary : 


Book 4           Book 5          Book 6







Key Stage 3

This term the Secondary topic is ‘Field to Fork’.  We will be focussing on the journey our food takes from its source to our plate.  We will be looking at how we can grow our own food and how the weather effects food crops.

We will be identifying foods that are good for the body and begin to sort foods into the main food groups.  We will be creating menus for a balanced meal.

We will create and follow recipes.  We will be exploring food blogs and cookery programmes.

We will be using shopping lists, practicing reading labels and comparing prices of foods during shopping trips to supermarkets, farm shops and markets.


This term we will be using the following core texts to inspire learning throughout our curriculum aims: 

        S book 1                S book 3


S book 2          S book 3       S book 4






Post 14

This half term we will be focussing on local, national and international news.  The department will be working with University of Chichester participating in Chichester Culture Spark 2022, celebrating current cultural affairs through the arts.

We will continue to learn about appropriate and positive relationships through the relationships and emotional wellbeing strands of our curriculum.

This term our business enterprises will continue to produce items to be sold at our Summer Fayre.  We will also be hosting our first Fordwater Business Celebration Awards.

We will be focussing on E-Safety and appropriate use of technology in our ‘Green Curriculum Aim’.

We will also be planning our own wellbeing event in the sensory garden and identifying wellbeing activities we may enjoy doing in our summer holidays.

Our Year 14’s will continue to work on preparing themselves for life after Fordwater and we will begin to explore options available for our Year 13’s as they move into their last year with us.